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Tradesmen devoted to Multifamily Construction

We’re dedicated to creating multifamily housing that functions well, looks beautiful, and provides safety and comfort. Our work attracts residents and gives you an edge in the real estate market.

Transform Your Multifamily Space

The demand for multifamily housing is growing, but providing high-quality residences is a challenge. There are numerous building codes to comply with. All of the utilities, such as plumbing and heating, need to work consistently well. The residential units must have enough space, light, and ventilation. Prospective residents will also look for enticing features, such as beautiful fixtures in the bathroom, updated appliances in the kitchen, or a lovely view from a bedroom window.

Whether we’re working on an existing multifamily building or performing a conversion, we’ll deliver outstanding results. Along with meeting your requirements, we’ll provide you with guidance on various decisions, such as the best materials for cabinets and floors. Regardless of the complexity of the project, we’ll stay on top of it every step of the way.

Burnette Construction

Our Multifamily Services

Multifamily Design

Our experienced team produces thoughtful, detailed designs covering all aspects of a building, from the square footage of closet space in each residence to the location and layout of an in-house gym.


We take all the necessary steps to lay down a strong foundation for each project, such as working out the budget and schedule, acquiring permits, and assembling teams of workers.


With us, your multifamily building undergoes a phenomenal transformation. Each project unfolds with oversight from experienced supervisors, and it doesn’t get wrapped up until you give it your approval.

Our Multifamily Construction Process

Phone Consultation


We first discuss the details of the project over the phone, making sure we understand your objectives, requirements, and preferences.
Burnette Construction

Construction Estimate


Once we complete the design plans for your project, we work on generating an accurate estimate. The process for coming up with an estimate generally takes no more than two weeks.

Burnette Construction



We are adept at running a successful construction project. We coordinate multiple teams of workers, provide daily logs, and have a superintendent on site.