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We’re committed to helping your company thrive by providing you with commercial spaces that facilitate profitability, productivity, and sustained success.

Transform Your Commercial Space

To get the most value out of a commercial space, you need to work with experienced and highly skilled contractors. You want a space that will satisfy commercial tenants, attract customers, and increase employee morale and productivity. Every decision matters, including the flow of the layout, the strength and positioning of the lighting, the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems, and the types of exterior doors you use. You also need to meet industry regulations and local building codes.

With us, you’ll benefit from high-quality, cost-effective work that maximizes the potential of your commercial space. We’ll help you avoid unnecessary expenses, and we’ll implement the design and construction choices that best serve your business goals.

Burnette Construction

Our Commercial Services

Commercial Design

Whether we’re working on a warehouse or doing gut rehabilitation for an office space, we develop designs that reflect your vision and fit your budget.


To get a commercial construction project off the ground, there are numerous details to coordinate, and we can handle all of them, including choosing the best teams of workers and obtaining permits.


Working with thoroughness, skill, and efficiency, we prepare your commercial space for successful use. The work processes are supervised and streamlined to avoid preventable delays and solve unexpected challenges.

Our Commercial Construction Process

Phone Consultation


During the initial consultation, we engage in a deep discussion about the project, including your specifications, budget constraints, and other critical details.
Burnette Construction

Construction Estimate


After we develop designs for your commercial space, we come up with an accurate estimate that accounts for all the details, including cost of labor and materials.

Burnette Construction



With a superintendent on site, daily logs, and other strategies for producing high-quality and efficient work, we give you a commercial space that will meet your full approval.